Friday, 8 March 2013

Room One likes ...

Room One likes ... from jaxdonald on Vimeo.

As part of our R.I.S.E learning this year our junior children have been investigating 'Who they are, What they have and How they fit.

They are learning to recognise what they are good at and things they like. When we put these two together we hope to find how we fit in our family, school and wider community and how we can contribute by being Active Citizens. 

"First we wrote about all the things we like and enjoy doing.
They we drew the pictures.
We practiced reading our stories aloud with a buddy then we had turns   reporting these in front of the camera. Each buddy had a turn at being the reporter and then the camera person. 
We used our iPads to take pictures of our art work and sent these by email to our teacher.
Our teacher put it together using iMovie and green screen technology."

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