Flick It On Challenge


Journey - Final movie from jaxdonald on Vimeo.

Check out our final movie sent to America and back again with Voice Over, Sound Effects and Music to reflect the mood.

Kapai Room 3 and the Community School of Davidson, North Carolina, USA. 

Round Three

This round involved our class watching the next movie (with voice over and sound effects) and interpreting the movie in order to add MUSIC TO SHOW MOOD and EMOTION. Room three created their own music in Garage Band for this purpose.

Unfortunately Turaki School pulled out of the project so we completed round two and round three with the movie we received from Community School of Davidson, North Carolina, USA - 'Late for Class'.

We therefore decided to invite whaea Alice and her junior class to complete this round with us and complete two versions of the same movie.

Watch and listen to room 2's interpretation and room 3's interpretation for similarities.

Room 2

Late for class.rm 2 from jaxdonald on Vimeo.

Room 3

Late for Class rm3 from jaxdonald on Vimeo.

Round Two

This next round involved our class watching the silent movie we had been sent. and interpreting the story of the silent movie, writing a script and adding VOICE OVER and SOUND EFFECTS.  Finally, adding our credits. 

We were excited and pleased with our silent movie - 'A Journey Through Time'

We forwarded this to the next team in America - Community School of Davidson, North Carolina, USA ready for them to add voice over and sound.

At the same time, we received a silent movie from Turaki school called - 'The Magician', to interpret and add to. 
Listen carefully - can you identify the voice over children from room 3?

The Magician Turaki School from jaxdonald on Vimeo.

Round One

This term I will be leading our school in the Flick-It-On film making challenge.
This is an annual event where students collaboratively and creatively produce a digital narrative from across many different schools.

Our Aim is to operate an enriching film school project to:
• grow student learning through the effective use of film
• enable students to communicate their ideas through digital literacies
• support collaborative teacher professional learning and sharing

44 schools from around the globe are grouped together to collaboratively create a movie. 

Each school creates a one minute silent movie based on their interpretations of a theme or concept. 

The silent film is “flicked on” to the next school in the rotation to add sound effects and voice over.

This film is then “flicked on” to the final school to add music. 

Our theme this term is "A Journey Through Time", and must include three random items, these are: 3:15 (the time), a magic trick and a Rubrik's Cube.

Here is a photo montage of our school filming:

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