Monday, 4 March 2013

Together We Can Change the World if we R.I.S.E. Recognise Inspire Share Engage

RISE - Our Theme for 2013 

 Together We Can Change the World if we 
Recognise Inspire Share Engage 

 The message being that: 
To know ourselves we Recognise how we fit
We are Inspired to contribute new ideas
By Sharing ideas we stretch boundaries
Becoming Engaged caring and contributing citizens

This programme builds upon our 2012 theme L.I.F.E.
An acronym for how our Life Impacts Future Earth.
The message being that the actions we take and the
choices we make each day have an impact on our earth
and its well-being.

We hope that you too will join us on our exciting journey 
of innovative teaching and learning through RISE! "

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