Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Top Team Challenge

Top School - Medium from jaxdonald on Vimeo.

The Top Team Challenge involves a number of team-based activities and challenges modelled on the traditional Top Town competition that first aired on New Zealand television in 1976. 

Top Team games test teamwork, initiative, problem solving and communication skills. Students will be teamed up to compete against one another in a circuit of activity and obstacle stations. Sport Canterbury has designed Top Team Challenge activities specifically to cater to the needs of sporty as well as non-sporty students. This takes away the ‘intimidation’ factor, and builds confidence amongst non-participating youth to take part in future events, as well as being loads of fun. 

On Wednesday 20 March our school participated in the Top Team Schools Challenge alongside neighbouring school - Seabrook McKenzie School.

We had heaps of fun!!

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