Saturday, 2 August 2014

Reviewing and Refreshing

One of the most fortunate aspect of our school is our awesome vision statement - Care, Learn and Grow. This says it all as our aim as a school is to grow tamariki who demonstrate our school values of Care Learn and Grow daily.

Staff and I spent two days reviewing our school vision statement and planning how this could be implemented in our teaching and learning programme for term 3. 

It was an intensive two day workshop as we tried to address the range of skills and attributes we believe children need to have in order to be successful, life long learners long after they leave Woodhill School.  We are really pleased with the outcomes.

On day one we reviewed our school vision by brainstorming and unpacking what it really means to Care, Learn and Grow at Woodhill School.

Many of our children already demonstrate these values on a daily basis. Our aim now is for children to transfer these attributes across all aspects of learning,to demonstrate these across all curriculum areas, and within many different contexts and situations.

Our next step is to integrate these values throughout all our teaching and learning programmes. This is to create shared ownership of our school, as we create a culture based on Care. 
  • CARE involves a love of learning, mutual respect, and living leadership. We are growing caring and contributing citizens of a global community. 
  • LEARN involves developing learners who understand the importance of putting learning into action. Learners who are able to think globally and act locally.
  • GROW involves developing learners who are reflective and who consider the “So What” and “What Next” in their learning journey.

On day two we developed a lesson structure to implement our CARE value, which we are focusing on first.

Our Key Competency focus is ‘Managing Self’ - ‘this competency is associated with self motivation, a “can do “ attitude, and with students seeing themselves as capable learners.’          NZ Curriculum.

 A new aspect of learning for staff and children will be Art Costa’s “Habits of Mind.” Our Habit of Mind focus will be ‘Thinking about Thinking (Metacognition): Being aware of own thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions; Knowing what we do and say affects others; Being willing to consider the impact of choices on myself and others.’

We look forward to sharing more information with you throughout this term.

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