Monday, 7 July 2014

Revitalising a School Culture

It has been a very busy time for me as I end my first term at Woodhill School. 

It is pleasing to know we have a great Mission Statement to spring-board from.

'To Care to Learn to Grow'

Throughout the past term I have reflected on what I have seen, heard and learnt about Woodhill School.

I have developed a big picture of what I see as being important for the future of the Woodhill School and the attributes we need to build to revitalise our school culture that will take Woodhill School forward positively using our Mission Statement.

Restore - To Care
  • To care for ourselves and each other
  • Build positive relationships
  • Identify and value strengths in others
  • Listen with empathy and understanding
  • Celebrate individuality and collective unity

Reinvigorate - To Learn
  • Increase engagement through ownership
  • Increase ownership and ask questions
  • Make authentic learning connections
  • Take responsible risks and have a go
  • Be problem solvers and work together

Our Reality - To Grow

  • Confidence and leadership 
  • High trust and high expectations
  • Collaboration and participation
  • Student achievement
  • Positively and publicly

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