Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Growing Te RITO Tamariki - Graduation 2012

Graduation 2012 from jaxdonald on Vimeo.

Every year we are raising our standards and raising our practices in order to ensure that we are sending our children away equipped better than ever before. This year we are proud to send a cohort of  very fine, year six, young men and women into the big wide world.
From the first day of school our message is consistent - we expect children to become Te RITO kids, self-managing leaders of their own learning, responsible for their choices and their outcomes. After three years, this message is becoming thoroughly imbedded and the results are clear for all to see. 
Children we have interviewed expressed very strongly that they were much better prepared because they know how to be “Responsible, Independent, Thoughtful and Onto-It children. We were absolutely thrilled to hear this as we strongly believe in teaching children to be goal setters and to take responsibility for themselves, their behaviour and their learning. 
The difference that pleases us is the knowledge that our children are now leaving us in year six with the necessary self-managing qualities to be successful. 
We want to wish them happiness and success as they move toward the next stage of their learning journey. We want to send them away with the challenge to believe in themselves, as we believe in them, and strive to continue to be Te RITO kids always.

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