Monday, 17 December 2012

5 + a Day @ Richmond School

5 + a DAY 2012 - Medium from jaxdonald on Vimeo.

5+a DAY Shared Lunch & Dress Up Day November is ‘5 + A Day Fruit and Vegetable Month’, and to promote healthy eating in our school and celebrate the abundance of healthy options available, whaea Alice and room 2 organised a 5+a Day Shared Lunch and Dress Up Day. Parents and whanau were invited to participate in a shared lunch and 5+ a day snacks, and children were encouraged to dress in the colours of their favourite fruit. Each class made a healthy snack to share with the wider school - room 1 made fruit smoothies and fresh fruit juice, room two made hot vegetable soup, and room three made fruit skewers. More photos are available on our school website: or

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