Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!

Dr Seuss has been our school's inspiration in developing their school wide inquiry this year. From the well known and much loved picture book - The Cat in the Hat, to the now popular movie -‘The Lorax, his books often hold a hidden message. One of his lesser known books, which was published after his death, is‘'Hooray for Diffendoofer Day'.’
This book celebrates individuality and creativity with crazy, wacky teachers teaching weird and wonderful lessons. 

"We do not have to conform with the majority, we can all achieve by celebrating our own unique individuality, our quirks and creativity".

"We've taught you that the earth is round, that red and white make pink, and something else that matters more -- we've taught you how to think" 

Our School invited our whanau to celebrate the beginning of the year and the soon-to-be birthday of the great man. Everyone was encouraged to dress up in weird and wacky ways and join the teaching staff to enjoy a BBQ picnic, bouncy castle, and swim.  Also to participate in a range of crazy, wacky activities including Tying Knots in Noodles, baking Seuss Pancakes, Seuss Hunt, Seuss-Swat Air Hockey, and saddling up crocodiles.

All this came just in time to celebrate Dr Seuss's 111th birthday on 2 March.

A Diffendoofer Day Acrostic Poem

D -on’t you know where you are?
I -t is clear to see -
F -or it’s a fun place to enjoy,
F -antastically!
E -xcitement abounds as we all rejoice,
N -othing boring you’ll see,
D -ifference is choice!
O -h the things we will learn,
O -n this great diffen-day!
F -orever and always, the learning will stay!
E -ccentric and odd, individuals we are
R -adically different - we are all stars.

D -on’t tie me down, to one boring thought
A -nd . . .
Y -ou will see all the wonderful thinks I have caught!

by Mr Jeremy Meadows 

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