Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Saving to Dropbox

For a long time I have struggled with the big question: 'how do I access individual children's work easily - particularly when sharing mobile devices between students and classes?

Most experts I have spoken to have sternly told me, "Mobile devices are personal devices! They were not made for sharing between students and classes!"

Oh phewy ... experts need to meet our needs and work it out!

Unfortunately I do not have a simple solution for that one ... yet, but I do have a solution for our school’s needs.

In my head I know what I want to do, but the issue is how do I get different programmes and applications collaborating in one area? Isn't technology supposed to make our lives easier!?

One answer is to provide one to one devices. Simple yes, financially viable often not!

Well fortunately for us this year it is. We were able to fund enough one to one Apple iPad devices for all our students. This has increased student engagement, creativity and productivity and it has brought about vast improvements in student management. One staff member is heard repeatedly saying, "the engagement factor is so high, the noise level is so low, the children are very focused on their work. Even the child who stuggles with behaviour is less of an issue. This is the world he understands and enjoys working in. He is now one of our experts."

The challenge now is for staff to keep up with the technological knowledge and skills that are natural to our 'digital natives' (students). At times we may only be one step ahead of the students. Increasingly we are having to let go of being the holder of information 'the teacher', and instead become the facilitator and guide to our knowledge-miners (our students).

Of course, our children are loving it, because they are leading their own learning in their world with their tools, rather than working in our world with our traditional tools.

But I digress, back to Dropbox.

Providing you have already set up individual student Dropbox accounts and the folders within these are shared with the class teacher or IT admin, this is how students save to Pages to Dropbox.

Step 1- Select the spanner tool
- Select the 'Share and Print' 

Step 2
- Select 'Open in Another App'

Step 3
- Follow the prompts
- Choose a format

Step 4
- Follow the prompts
- Choose App

Step 5
- Follow the prompts
- Select 'Open in Dropbox'

Step 6
- Follow the prompts
- Make sure the 'Destination' is your folder.

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