Friday, 26 April 2013

Richmond Artist III

Step Three: Recognise how we belong

Whaea Alice used Hundertwasser as our inspiration. Hundertwasser first visted NZ in the 1970’s to mount a public exhibition of his work. He was so captivated by our country that he decided to make it his second home. 
In consultation with Bay of Island Colege he transformed the Kawakawa public toilet into a work of art. He took inspiration from nature, loved bright colours, curves and spiral. 
We identify places where we belonged and used his style to recreate these places.
We used curved lines to connect ‘our selves’ ‘our families’ and ‘our places’ together to create our final art work. 

Our parents were invited to the unveiling of these art works in our Art Fiesta Celebration at the end of term one. These art works are now on display in our library. 


With a smart phone or mobile device you can read the QR code printed next to some of the art works or in others the art work itself is a code and can be read using the Aurasma app.
In each case the code will take you to a video or audio clip the child has made explaining their work. If you think that sounds cool - you are right - it is.

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